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Monday 1st June

Good morning Year 3- I hope you are all well? 

There are gradual changes happening at Holy Family, which means some more children are gradually coming back into school, but at the moment, most people will be continuing to do their learning at home. You will all be covering the same things for English and Maths though, where ever you are doing your learning.

I myself will be in school more supervising a group of children. This means unfortunately that we won't be able to do a daily blog, but we will aim to put one up weekly, for you to come onto. Please still drop me an email though if you need me, I will catch up with them when I can to try and help you. As always, I'd love to see your learning (any Romans / English or Maths learning send to me; if it's related to another subject, send it to the teachers in charge of that subject)! 

English / History- please do some reading about the Romans. You may have some information books at home that have information about the Romans. Read through and look at the pictures. Also have a look at the Romans presentation attached. Then design a Romans cover sheet to (you don't need to print the examples, you can do your own version) to mark our new topic in your book.



Written Method for Addition

I am attaching screenshots from a text book - Section A, B and C. Choose the most suitable section for you and set out the questions in your Maths book - most of you should aim to do Section 3 (addition of two 3-digit numbers). Remember to organise your work properly, carefully copying out the sums, so that you have room around them to do your working out. There is no answer sheet for this, so once you've done a few, maybe check with a calculator or get a parent to check, to ensure you are on the right track before you continue!

If you find that your struggling to grasp the written method of addition though, please look at the White Rose video, and settle down with scrap paper and a pencil or a whiteboard and pen if you have one, whilst watching. Click here for viedo - Adding two, 3-digit numbers

If you're looking for further consolidation, I am attaching the white rose sheets, but there is no expectation for you to do these sheets, if you'd prefer to do the alternative.

In case you missed it on the first page, our home learning for the other curriculum areas is going to be a little bit different this half term. Our Maths and English will still be put on the year 3 pages every day, as above, but the rest of the curriculum is going to be part of a whole school topic. This topic will be God's Wonderful World. All the children in the school will be doing the same topic. The teachers have planned activities for you to choose each afternoon- so you could follow our normal timetable and pick an activity that interests you. You will find all the ideas here- Whole School Learning