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Monday 1st February

Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and you are ready for another fun week of learning. This week, we will be learning about a new fairytale. Can you guess what it is?


If you have this story at home you can read it with an adult. If not, click on this link...


Discuss the behaviour of the two sisters and stepmother in the story? How do you think Cinderella would have felt being treated in that way? How can you be kind and friendly to others?

Draw a picture of yourself doing something kind at home or school. Can you write a little sentence to go with your picture?

You can use your red book or print off the heart template and draw inside that. You could cut out your heart and hang it up at home for all to see your lovely ideas.


Click on this link to practise reading your phase 2 sounds. 

Phase 2 Flashcard game

If you are really confident with these, click on the link to practise phase 3 sounds

Phase 3 Flashcard game

Extra activity (optional)

Use your knowledge of sounds to read a cool phonics comic. Click on the link below...

Phonics Play Comics

NB. Parents. Please choose a comic which relates to the ability of your child. If your child is not yet secure with word building then stick to phase 2.


Click on the link for today's lesson...

Session 1 - Which show 6? Composition of 6

Follow up activity (Please choose one according to the needs of your child)

Option 1

Option 2

Scroll down to print off sheet - How many ways can you make 6?

Explorers - Art

Click on the link for today's art lesson

Express yourself with drawing lesson 3