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Monday 18th January

Monday 18th January

Good morning Year 6,

Welcome to a new week of learning!  I’ve planned lots of great things for the week ahead. Your parents will have received an email from me with loads of tasks and activities for you to do. You will have the links needed to access the resources mentioned, but there are also lots of things which can be done away from screens. Thank you to everyone who has already uploaded work to the one drive. I am looking forward to seeing what you have been up to.

Here is the timetable for today- 

Early work – Complete the spelling handwriting sheet as usual and stick it into your learning journal.  Look up any words you do not understand in preparation for sentence writing later. Then complete a quick reading comprehension, the link is below.

Maths -This week we will be working with decimals. We will do some warm up activities together and you will need a whiteboard or some paper and a dark coloured felt tip for this so you can share your answers. You will need to access this video,  and resources for this lesson which are listed below.  If you cannot print, this work can be done from the screen, with answers in your maths book.

English – you had a little preview of these words last week! Please practise this week’s spelling words AND words from Year 5/6 spelling list. Write a sentence for your weekly words, making it clear that you know what the word means. There are new assignments for these words on Spelling Shed.











Then if you have time, before lunch read the non-fiction article about Pig Island – RES and watch the video. Summarise the key facts in your learning journal using ‘Who, What, When, Where, Why and How’. This will eventually help inform work related to our island project.

Geography.  I have provided all instructions for the completion of this activity. You will be locating landmarks on a map of the local area. If you can use Google Maps or Google Earth it might be useful.  Then you will be creating a ‘Did you Know?’ page about Addlestone in your learning journals.

Finally, there is a flags of the world mega challenge – choose your level of skill, answers are included!

Have a great day!

Mrs Holt x