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Monday 18th January

Good morning everyone :-)

I hope you are all well? Parents, please remember that what you are doing is enough. We all have different situations and we can only do our best, and your best is amazing. What lucky children we have. Children, try to be as understanding as you can be and as independent as you can be, so the grown ups can do what they need to do. 

Children, I will see you at the teams meetings today at 8.45, 11 and 1.30.

First teams meeting at 8.45, I'll introduce the spellings for this week, and you can have a go at the wordsearch afterwards. Also, maybe later, you can go on Spelling Shed where I have set new words. Most important thing to fit in today is some reading too! 

Then, at 9.15 we'll do some Maths - the 8 Times Tables Today. 

For English, we're thinking about our Egyptian Story. Come along to our Teams meeting at 11am and I will explain more. Today we are doing the very first planning stage for our story.

Then, this afternoon, after our Teams meeting, I would like you to learn about Teeth, for our new Science topic - Teeth and Healthy Eating. Please watch the lesson that I have downloaded from the Oak National Academy website, all about teeth and have a go at the activities that go with it. 

Have a great day and I can't wait to see you all. 

Mrs Willgoose