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Monday 18th January

Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for another week of fun learning. This week we will be learning about a new fairytale. Can you guess what it is?


If you have the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears at home then you can read that now with an adult. If not click on the link to enjoy the story online...

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Adult: Discuss the choices and actions of the characters. For example, Goldilocks went into a stranger’s house. Was that a good idea? Why not? Should she have gone into someone’s house without their permission? Talk about the importance of saying sorry. Discuss how the bears felt/reacted to what Goldilocks did. Why? How would you feel? What do you think Goldilocks should say to the three Bears and why?

After listening the the story, can you retell it to an adult by looking at each picture and saying (in your own words) what happened.


In your red book, draw a beautiful picture of the story. Using your sound mat can you write a simple sentence about the story?                                                                                 Parents: Please note spellings at this are not expected to be correct. Encouraging your child to be a confident writer  by supporting them to sound out the words is most important at this stage.


Revise all phase 2 sounds. click on the link to play this fun game...

Phase 2 phonics game

NB Parents: It is vital that the children articulate the sounds correctly as this is the key skill when orally blending words. At school I ask them to 'whisper'

Following the game as an optional activity. Ask your child to write phase 2 sounds on their whiteboards, following your instruction (not copied)                                             E.G " Can you write the sound p"         "Can you write the sound at the start of dog?"

Being able to recall the sounds in this way really helps children when encoding in their written work.


Click on the link for todays input...

Composition of numbers to 5 (2 groups)

Follow up activity

NB Parents: The children in Reception all work at different levels for Maths. If your child is confident with the concept of combining 2 groups up to 5 then extend the learning by combining groups up to 10 or 20. 


Please click on the following link for a wonderful art lesson from Mrs Cala.

Express yourself with drawing

Scroll down to print off worksheets for this lesson or use them as a guide and work in your red books / other paper.