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Monday 11th May

Monday 11th May 

Good morning Year 6,

Welcome to Monday morning, I hope you had a good weekend and that perhaps you were able to appreciate a bit of sunshine before the weather changed yesterday, what a difference!  This is the second week for your Home Learning sheet, so if there’s anything you haven’t done yet, but would like to do, you have this week to finish it. The next Home Learning sheet will look quite different, more details to come later this week.

Here are today’s tasks - 

Joe Wicks  click here  or a sporting/exercise activity of your choice.

PE – Mr Seuke's fitness lesson week 2 resources emailed.  Complete each test if you can and record your efforts. You can repeat the tests once or twice this week to continue to track your  progress. Please remember to complete the warm up first!

Maths White Rose Maths click here for the video on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers, I have emailed the worksheets to you. 

Extra Maths Challenge

Class textbook page for you to complete. Choose your level of challenge and then mark your work. (emailed) 

Spelling Shed, practise this week’s spelling words AND Year 5/6 spelling lists

Write a sentence for each word below, showing you know what it means.

The spellings are below if you cannot access Spelling Shed.

These spellings were on the timetable last week, but not on the website. There should be one set, either these, or those on the timetable emailed for THIS WEEK, which you haven’t done yet. Both sets are on Spelling Shed.














Look at Geography presentation  for Lesson 4 (emailed)

In this lesson, you need to draw conclusions from pieces of data using your knowledge. You will be comparing life in the 1800s with life now and in the future, thinking about geographical changes which might occur. 

Music - have you completed Mrs James's parody activity yet? All details already emailed. 

I hope you have a busy and a productive day, remember that I am hoping to see a piece of writing from you, started last week and emailed to me by this Wednesday,

Have a great day,

Mrs Holt x