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Good Morning, 

I hope you are all ready for another week of learning from home. I really do understand how hard it maybe working from home and having children to teach too. I'm trying not to overload you with work, just try your best to work through what you can. I'm also working from home some of the week. You will see from my story time video today that I have a little helper when I am trying to work from home:) Thanks to Mrs Ferryman, I have been able to upload a story time video today. 

Just like last Monday- We normally star our day off with PE. Choose how you would like to do you exercise today; have a go at Joe Wicks or Jumpstart Jonny. I had a go at Jumpstart Jonny on Friday with Aoife and honestly if you need a pick me up, he is your guy. He had an insane amount of energy and kept Aoife entertained. I couldn't stop smiling watching her join in. 

Here is the link for Jumpstart Jonny, it will take you onto Youtube:

Link to Joe Wicks:

For SPaG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar) today start with this weeks spelling test and then move onto subordinating conjunctions. There is a Powerpoint from Twinkl which will help explain what they are. Part the way through the Powerpoint they will refer to the clause activity sheet, see attachments below. Then move onto the subordinating conjunctions sheet (there are 3 in this attachment, please choose one you feel your child can complete, they don't need to do all three) . These are not in your pack, you can print them out or write them out in the learning from home booklet. 

Mathematics- Divide by 5. Use the Powerpoint like last week, it is the same Powerpoint from last week. The sheets are in your child's pack. I have uploaded them as an attachment so you can see the order they need to be completed in. Again the stars on the sheet relate to the maths group your child is in, they only do the divide by 5 sheet in their pack. 

I will be on Purplemash normal time 1-2pm. 

Have a lovely day, 

Mrs Osborn 

Story time link: Story Time