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Medical & Welfare

Regular medical, dental and hearing checks are made by qualified staff employed by Surrey County Council.

Medication for children should be handed into the office with WRITTEN instructions. Every attempt will be made to follow these instructions but it is not always possible in a busy day. We do not have medical facilities on site, therefore a contact telephone number is necessary should a child be sick. In the case of accidents, first aid will be given, and parents contacted where possible. Failing this we reserve the right to request hospital treatment if thought to be necessary.

If you are unable to meet your child at the end of the day we ask that you inform the school in writing who will be doing so and giving their contact number. If can be distressing for your child to be left and unsatisfactory and dangerous for us to pass him/her to someone we don't know.

We do have several children in school who have a severe allergy to nuts. Please do not include any food containing nuts in packed lunches as the slightest contact can be serious.

Please could we urge parents to keep their children at home if they are unwell and do not allow them to return to school until they are fully recovered. If a child has been off due to sickness &/or diarrhoea, please note that the advice from the Health Protection Agency is that children should not return to school until 48 hours after the last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea. This helps to minimise the spread of such infections, especially as we have several vulnerable children in our school community.

Please refer to the PHE website - see links below - for any updated guidance regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19):