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Liturgy Leaders

Our liturgy leaders play a hugely important role in the Catholic life and collective worship in the school. Some key responsibilities include:

Organising and leading class liturgies and prayer services

Helping to plan, prepare and lead school Mass

Maintaining class prayer corners & displays

Supporting the Headteacher with school assemblies and special events

Creating displays/choosing appropriate religious artefacts for the main school altar and prayer gardens

Supporting charities and raising funds in our parish and local community

Encouraging, enthusing and supporting their peers in their journey of faith

Year 6 liturgy leaders oversee and support the younger liturgy leaders across the school

Our liturgy leaders this year are:

Year 6 - Keira Cahill, Emma Bleta, Bella Andreou, Amoya-May Zealand, Harriet Stanley, Xixi Hu, Ellen Jince, Rosa Fernandez-Shipman, Lexi Noto, Aoife Ryder, Abigail Jolley, Hannah Watt, Ollie Holgate, Thomas Lemon, Adam Loake, Harry Johnson, Conor Banks, Joseph Mullett, George Occomore, Brandon Spreadbury, Harry Cassin, Alfie Hornblow, Patrick Kalinowski, Luke White

Year 5 - Eva Clarke, Emily Braga, Lucas Jones, Keiran Winter

Year 4 - Manuela Restrepo-Jimenez,  Isla Cahill, Sam Troll, Harrison Goodwill

Year 3 - Lyla Read & Henry Jolley

Year 2 - Siobhan McGovern, Amy Clare, Theo Holmes, Louis Liddiard

Year 1 - Martha McCourts & Alfie Spreadbury