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Literacy Challenges


Please try to complete one challenge per day if possible or a couple per week. If activities are too challenging for your child then feel free to simplify them or complete over two days instead of one.

 Please send pictures of all your lovely learning on Tapestry or by email.

Activity 1

Read ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister. You can click on the tabs if you don’t have the book.

Marcus Pfister reads The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish

Can you complete a ‘big write’ about the story. Draw a beautiful picture and write a sentence or more about it. Can you sound out the words and use your wonderful knowledge of tricky words to help you? Use the word mat to help you with the topic words.  Scroll down to print this off.

Activity 2

Watch the BBC clip about under the sea.

Follow the link to make a quick and easy paper book, you could use A4 or A3 paper.

Quick and easy 8 page book

Can you make an under the sea booklet? Draw a different sea creature on each page and label it. Use the under the sea word mat to help you with the labelling.

Activity 3

Rainbow fish are a small type of freshwater fish from the family called Melanotaenidae. They are quite small, less than 12cm long and there are over 70 different species. Watch the ‘What Am I’ Powerpoint show and see what information you can find out about another creature that lives under the sea. Can you draw a picture and write a sentence?

Activity 4

Listen to this funny story about under the sea…

Commotion in the Ocean

Can you find all the rhyming words in the story? See if you can say them out loud. Print off the under the sea rhyming words template. Can you write some rhyming words of your own?  Remember the ending of the word may stay the same, it’s just the start that changes.

Activity 5


Watch this clip about ocean habitats.

Can you design an ocean habitat of your own? You could draw a picture and label it or use these other ideas to help…