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Literacy Challenges

This week our learning will be based around the book The Bad Tempered Ladybird. Another brilliant book by the fantastic Eric Carle.

Meet ladybird who doesn't like to share. She picks a fight with all the other animals she meets to try to get what she wants. The trouble is that the animals get larger throughout the story...

Click on the link to enjoy this story...

The Bad Tempered Ladybird

Activity 1

Can you complete a big write based on this story? Draw a picture of the story and write a sentence or more to match. Scroll down to print off a story word mat to help you with the trickier words.

Activity 2

Click on the link to the story. Ask an adult to turn down the volume. Can you be the narrator of the story and retell it in your own words?

Scroll down to print off the Bad Tempered Ladybird book review. Can you answer the questions?

Activity 3

Click on the link and start slideshow to watch the life-cycle of a ladybird.

The Life cycle of a ladybird

Complete the life cycle cut and stick sheet or make one of your own. As an extra challenge, print off the little booklet and add the sentences to match each stage.

Activity 4

Ask an adult to help you complete the Bad Tempered Ladybird wordsearch.

Activity 5

Have a look through the parts of an insect sheets. Choose a  minibeast and label the picture using your best writing.