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Literacy Challenges

Please try to complete one challenge per day if possible or a couple per week.   If activities are too challenging for your child then feel free to simplify them or complete them over two days instead of one.  

Please send pictures of all your lovely learning on Tapestry or by email.

Activity 1.

Read ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson.  Make a list of all the rhyming words. Can you make up your own sentence or sentences about Superworm or another character in the book? If you don't have this story at home you can watch it here...


Activity 2

Watch the story (link above) with the sound muted. Can you retell the story in your own words? Can you draw a picture of Superworm or design a superhero costume for Superworm and label it?

Activity 3

Watch BBC Bitesize “What are Minibeasts?” learning clip to discover what a minibeast is.

Use your daily exercise/walk to the park/play in your garden to go on a minibeast hunt!  What can you find under rocks, in trees, in the soil, on the ground etc.  Use the tally sheet (see attached examples) to record what you find. Use the identification sheet to find out as many names of minibeasts as you can.

Activity 5 (this could be completed over a number of days)

Watch the minibeast desciptions powerpoint (scroll down for the link). Don't forget to press start slide show so you can interact with each slide.