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Literacy Challenges

Please try to complete one challenge per day.  The caterpillar extra challenges are optional depending on the age / level of development of your child.  If activities are too challenging for your child then feel free to simplify them or complete them over two days instead of one. Please send pictures of all your lovely learning on Tapestry.

Activity 1.

Read the story with an adult. You can click on the tabs on the previous page if you don't have the book.

Can you complete a big write picture or the story?

  Can you write a sentence or more to go with the picture?

Activity 2 and 3 (This may require extra time)

Follow the link to make a quick and easy paper book, you could use A4 or A3 paper.

Quick and easy 8 page book

Can you make your own Hungry Caterpillar book.

Can you label the pictures in your book?

Activity 4

Can you make a shopping list for the hungry Caterpillar? You could draw the list, write the list or do both. You can use the template at the bottom of the page or paper of your own.

Activity 5

The hungry caterpillar loved to eat. Can you draw your favourite meal? You could use a white paper plate or draw a circle on paper to represent the plate.

Can you label your pictures?

Activity 6

The Caterpillar tells us his story in order of the days of the week. Can you sequence the pictures to tell the story in order? Click on the days of the week matching game below.

Activity 7

Choose a story captions sheet (one or more). Can you use your super phonic knowledge to write a caption?

Activity 8

Look at the photographs of butterflies and caterpillars. Talk about each picture with an adult. Think about the shapes, colours and patterns.

Activity 9

Click on the link to watch a video about the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly.

Life cycle of a butterfly

Complete the Life cycle cut and stick activity or make one of your own.

Activity 10

Use the caterpillar segments to cut and make up your own words. Click on the caterpillar word game to download the templates.