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Learning From Home

Hello Year 2 parents!

On this page you will find all of the work you need whilst you are working from home. Each week I will create a new tab with the week commencing date on it. 

The packs sent home will contain worksheets to support this week and next weeks work. I thought it might be helpful for me tell you what work your child should complete each day, as the pack may seem overwhelming!  The Key Stage 1 tests; Mathematics paper 1 and paper 2, and the Punctuation and Grammar test will be done at some point so please don't do them yet. 

The weekly 10 minute booklets to be done weekly, you choose a time when this works for you. 

Also in the packs the children have there login cards for Spelling Shed, Purple Mash. In their mathematics homework books, they have their Timestable Rockstars login. All of which we will be using over the coming weeks, please keep them safe. 

I am going to use Purple Mash to set some work and use as a daily blog for the children to talk to me and each other. I have shown them how to do this in school (Friday 20th March). I will trial giving a time I write on the blog so that we can all be on it at the same time, if possible. Lets try 1pm-2pm this week and see how we get on. 

Link to purplemash below:

When using online websites, please supervise your child and ensure their learning is safe. A great child friendly search engine is Kiddle:

I really am going to miss all their little faces, personalities and their amazing curiosity for everything they learn. I'm looking forward to the time we can all see each other again. Hear the chatter, laughter and see their happy selves in the classroom. School is going to be so strange without them. 

Best wishes,

Mrs Osborn