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Lads & Dads Writing Project

We had a sensational turn out of 44 boys and their dads (and one or two mums) at our fun writing workshop evening held on Monday 4th March. One of the fun challenges we enjoyed was creating descriptive and exciting vocabulary randomly generated by throwing 3 'lettered' dice and using the letters in any order to create words. We then chose the best 18 words and set off on a quest to write an exciting story containing our chosen words!

The letters thrown up by the dice were: C R A,    S L C,     C O R

Our chosen vocabulary was:

C, R, A - Archeologist, carnival, car park, carnage, carriage, cartoon

S, L, C - Eclipse, school, closed, slice, silence, collision

C, O, R - Corridor, cornered, courage, rocket, corruption, corrugated

And here is our story decided by the dice...

Ten year old Jack Lightning tiptoed slowly along the narrow, dimly-lit stone corridor deep underneath the secret 'Bio-Tech' research centre in the Mojave Desert. Unclipping his gadget belt, he switched on his tiny Maglite torch, pointing the sharp beam of brilliant white light into the eerie darkness. A sudden rumbling sound from above shattered the silence and several large rocks collapsed into the corridor. Jack swiftly leaped out of the way, tumbling and spinning to avoid the falling debris. He breathed a huge sigh of relief but his joy was short-lived. The rocks had blocked his path...Jack was cornered...his exit was closed off! Heart pounding mercilessly in his chest, Jack composed himself and re-gathered his courage. He was determined to stride onwards on his vitally important secret mission.

Jack crouched in the darkness then began to crawl, scrambling along like a cartoon snake in a bizarre carnival parade. Suddenly the floor beneath his feet collapsed and Jack catapulted into the inky blackness of a deep, dark hole. In a moment of terror, Jack spun out of control; he was plummeting to the inner core of the Earth when he felt a sharp piece of metal slice into his arm. All of a sudden his fall ended in a bone-crunching collision with a large sheet of corrugated iron. A wave of nausea swept through his body and colours swirled in front of his eyes. Jack slowly raised his battered face off the ground and looked around. He spotted a flickering light above an old doorway at the centre ofa huge, white, sterile laboratory. Bottles and flasks full of bubbling coloured liquids were strewn over the worktops. In the furthest corner of the room, a giant pane of translucent glass covered the whole wall. Hunched behind the glass was the shadow of a mysterious figure. Jack took a deep breath and slowly crept forward...

To be continued...