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Sunday 5th June 2016

Good morning all, here we are again about to embark on another epic trip across The Solent to The Isle of Wight. It is almost unbelievable to think the trip is upon us again...where have the last 12 months gone? I'm sitting here in my office gazing out on a beautiful sunny day which has led me to carry out my usual pre-trip weather forecast trawl on the internet. The tried and trusted tactic in this is to ignore anything suggesting rain and focus entirely on any site which looks optomistic however this year I find myself in a little bit of a spin. Looking at around 8-9 different sites has left me as confused as every year 6 child in the country who sat down in May and tried to work out what that reading SAT's paper was all about...the forecasts are a right old mix of sun/cloud/drizzle and a few thunderstorms thrown in for good measure. I'm focusing on the sunny bit - it appears that we may get a decent week with some warm temperatures and mostly dry weather unless we get unlucky and happen to catch a passing storm...all part of the rich tapestry of a Year 6 residential I suppose.

Whatever happens with the weather, this is THE place to keep up with all the action from across the water. I will endeavour to keep posting as often as I can, taking into account our hectic schedule and the potential issue of technological gremlins. As always with my trip blog, just like Louis Van Gaal at MUFC, I have absolutely no idea in which direction it will go and how it will all turn out but it is sure to be an interesting rollercoaster of a ride. I will literally react to what I see, experience and hear as we go along. Those who open their mouths most often usually feature prominently but I always ensure that all children are recognised in this official trip blog. By virtue of the fact that I am located in the hotel next door to the boys, their bizarre 'goings-on' will hopefully keep you all entertained and entering their rooms will provide me with the opportunity to test out my updated survival skills following recent training by Bear Grylls.

Hopefully everyone is fit, healthy and raring to is always a memorable trip for the children and often a landmark week for parents as on return, you should see your child mature and gain greater independence due to their least that's one of the plans!

Until tomorrow, it's over and out from me, The Blog Bloke.