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Under starters orders...

"We're nearly ready to go!" (Mrs Holt, Friday 22nd May 2015 @ 5.25pm)

Good evening everyone and welcome to the official Year 6 Isle of Wight blog page for 2015. This is THE place to keep up with all the action, reaction and interaction from across The Solent during the week beginning Monday 1st June.

The 2014 blog became known as 'The Ben Hur' of blogs due to its epic proportions but I have a sneaky feeling that the 2015 version may eclipse its predecessor and become 'The Ben Hur on Red Bull' of blogs. All the ingredients are there for another blockbuster of a tale so make sure you bookmark this page and visit regularly. There are no guarantees of the direction the story will take over the week but one things is for certain...I'm sure it will develop into an intruiging tale! Next week I will begin to tentatively trawl the internet in search of a good weather forecast and, once found, will promptly install that website as the oracle of all things weather related...this is a tried and tested tactic of mine when preparing for school journeys; ignore anything which suggests rain and forget you ever saw it.

I am currently lying on the desk with my whole body touching wood, carrying a rabbit's foot and wearing a necklace of lucky horse shoes as I make the following declaration...I have been to the Isle of Wight on 7 school journeys and it has never rained. I must maintain this record in 2015...please spend the next week performing sun dances and chanting anti-rain songs as we seek to ensure the backdrop to our Ben Hur adventure is one of sunny skies.

Right, that's about it for now. I'm off to a well-known local supermarket to stock up on bags of spinach, iron-man tablets and gallons of those strength-giving drinks so I can prepare for the ordeal of carrying Mrs O'Connor's suitcase from the coach into the hotel. Apparently, according to Mrs Holt, two of the staff bedrooms are 'on the half-landing'...if Mrs O'Connor's suitcase is heading that way I hope the 'half-landing' is having some extra steel joists inserted next week :-)

See you all soon!

The Blog Bloke