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Your child should be reading every evening with you. This can be done through a wide range of texts both from school and home. Please note down what they are reading in their reading records in order for their books to be changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Your child will receive Maths homework every Wednesday. Books need to be returned by the following Monday so that I can mark and prepare new homework for the next Wednesday.


Spellings will be given out every Friday. These spellings will be based around our phonics sounds and will be accompanied by two common exception words (known to the children as 'tricky' words). These spellings need to be learnt and books returned by the following Thursday, ready for their test on Friday. Your child may practice their spellings using whatever techniques best suit them. These may include bath chalks, magnetic letters, ordering letters cut from magazines to spell the word correctly, sand, or simply writing the words repeatedly in their spelling books. These are just some examples. If your child is practising in ways other than writing in spelling books please evidence their practice still through pictures or a note.