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Home Learning- Summer Term

Welcome back to the Summer Term. I hope you all had a lovely Easter, we were really lucky that the sun shone most days. Arthur had a wonderful time with everybody at home- he will update his blog this week.

On these pages you will find the tasks that you need to complete each week, we are working in 2 week blocks. You MUST complete the maths and English tasks each day. Then look at the task plan to complete some other learning each day. Our topic is "Up Hill and Down Dale," it is based on hills and mountains so we will be doing lots of geography. Reminders about the Maths and English you must do are listed below. You will find a copy of this in the resorces for Week 1.

Each week you must send me your BIG WRITE that you will do on a Friday. I will remind you- it will be great to see how you are getting on. 

Follow this timetable to complete tasks each day:

Monday- SPaG (using and the English task for that day. For maths complete an Arithmetic sheet and the Maths for that day from White Rose Home Learning.

Tuesday- Spellings (look at the powerpoint for the words you need to learn) and the English task for that day. For Maths  complete your tables test and the White Rose Home learning for that day.

Wednesday- Handwriting (using spelling words) and the English task for the day. For maths complete the White Rose Home Learning task.

Thursday- Mrs Clay will set your Maths and SPAG to complete.

Friday- Spelling test and BIG WRITE. Complete and Arithmetic sheet and the White Rose Home Learning.

Then relax...

I will still post a daily page with a reminder of the tasks you must complete. Join us each day on our blog and don't forget to drop me an email so I know how you are getting on. We have lots of exciting things to do this term, it's going to be  fun.

Love from,

Mrs O'Neil