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We love history in Year 6! We try to combine all our ideas to produce art work and creative writing based on our history topics. 

Our cross-curricular topic this term is history-focused and looks to commemorate the recent 80th anniversary of evacuation at the start of WWII. We will start by thinking about our local area and what life was like during the 1930s and 1940s. We will be spending several weeks studying the book and film ‘Carries War’ by Nina Bawden. I will be reading to the children and we will compare the text to the BBC TV adaptation. I will be challenging and engaging the children in a variety of activities linked to the book, which will, I hope, enable them to gain some sort of understanding of what life was like for children during World War II. The children will be invited to dress up as an evacuee and to take part in a special WWII day towards the end of term. During our topic, the children will be given the opportunity to carry out their own independent research on an aspect of life in wartime, sharing their findings with the rest of the class. In art we will be exploring the work of Henry Moore, LS Lowry and the war artists through the use of pencil, clay and collage. In design and technology we will be making evacuee teddy bears for the children to bring home.