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Girls' House Football 2014

MORE make it a marvellous double as girls in yellow triumph again!

Following MORE House victory in the Year 5&6 Boys competition earlier in the week, the pressure was on for the girls to repeat the glory. Despite very stern opposition from the other 3 teams, the girls in yellow proved just too strong, securing a sensational double triumph for MORE.

As always, this was a wonderfully entertaining and highly enjoyable tournament. It always makes me smile to see so many girls taking part, playing so competitively yet with such amazing respect for each other. It makes me smile even more when one of them kicks the ball against the leg of another then, with a look of great concern, checks 'they are ok'. It was a pleasure to referee from start to finish and I'm sure was enjoyed immensely by the massive crowd of parents lining the touchline. Watching the action unfold, one thing became immediately apparent...we are going to have a strong school team again this year :-)

Congratulations to MORE on holding off a very strong challenge from HOWARD and FISHER to grab the victory. Led superbly by Joey, MORE were worthy winners in the end. Even more pleasing for me was that all the players requested another tournament next term. You know what...I enjoyed it so much, it would be a pleasure...time to check the diary!


Campion 0 Howard 1 (Venere)

More 2 Fisher 0 (Joey 2)

Campion 0 More 1 (Joey)

Fisher 0 Howard 0

Campion 0 Fisher 1 (Ellie)

More 1 Howard 0 (Emily)


Final Standings

1st MORE  9 points

2nd = HOWARD & FISHER   4 points

4th CAMPION    0 points