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Friday 4th March

Assembly at 9am. Certificates should have been prepared yesterday.


White Rose Teaching Video - Give Change

Teaching Powerpoint and worksheet attached below.

Extension - Some children may be able to do page 98 from Target Your Maths textbook, writing answers in their exercise books.


Whole Class Reading - Read the rest of the Iron Man Chapter 2. From pg 16 up to page 24. Tell the children to be thinking about Hogarth throughout. (Whole Class Reading). Children have copies to share. On the tables leave big paper and pens children to write on the paper as reading the story, describe how he feeling and why, using speech and thought bubbles. 

Hot Seat Hogarth, why are you feeling like that? Children picked randomly.

Children to complete speech and thought bubbles. Stick in topic book.

Lent Activity - Discuss the 3 traditions of Lent. See powerpoint and activity. Children to sort. Please leave out for me. Don't need to stick in books.

PE 2pm with Mr Seuke's Coaching Team.