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Friday 27th March

Good morning Year 3!

Well, this is a different Friday to our normal Fridays together! Well done to you all (and to the adults at home!) for nearly completing your first week of home-learning!

If you haven't been, it would be great if you can start your day with a Joe Wicks P.E. lesson. We have done ours every morning this week at home and my boys have had a good giggle (mostly at my efforts to keep up with Joe!).

Onto today's activities...

SPaG: revision of the irregular past tense.

I have given you a copy of Chapter 7 of our story so that you can stay up to date with the antics of our pirate chums. Enjoy reading through the next chapter: maybe you could read it aloud to an adult? Then, work through the worksheet on Irregular Past Tense, writing out the sentences (you don't need to print off the sheet).

Maths: practice on giving change

We have finished our unit on 'money' recently and I thought it would be good to have a bit more practice on calculating change. The sheet of questions is below, for you to work through. Parents, I have attached a 'Calculating Change Guide for Parents' so that you know what method the children used in school and so can support them at home. Try to complete as many as you can. Alternatively, you could set up a shop in your home with an adult and practice practically giving change. Choose whichever will best suit you and your home situation.

Science: exploring which materials are magnetic.

We spent pretty much the whole morning last Friday exploring different types of magnets, the strength of different magnets and learning about the poles on magnets. You will need to ask an adult to gather together some different objects from around the home (objects made out of plastic, fabric, wood, glass and metal). You will also need a magnet, so you may need to raid the front of the fridge or noticeboard for anything with a magnet attached. Can you predict which materials will be magnetic and which will not? Test them and see if your predictions are correct. Now, ask an adult to gather together some different metal objects (include a range of coins if possible and aluminium foil/drinks can). Do you think that all metals are magnetic? Test them using your magnet. Are all coins magnetic? You don't need to write anything down for this activity, just discuss it as you go with an adult. Hopefully everyone will be able to find a magnet stuck to the back of something in their home that they can use, but don't worry if you can't.

Remember: you must keep magnets away from computer/tablet/mobile/TV screens as they can damage them.


Hope you all (adults included) have a wonderful weekend.

Lots of love 

Mrs. Clay


Thank you Mrs Clay .... Mrs Willgoose here, just with an end of Thursday sign off, before I post again Sunday night ready for Monday. I've been having a nose around all the great work that happened on Thursday. Wow, Wow, Wow! I just wanted to type a quick post to say Well Done for rising to the Spelling Shed challenge. As I write, we've risen to 3rd place in the school .... just those mighty Year 6 and 5's to overtake now! I can't tell you how proud I am. We were right at the bottom of the pile, and now we're 3rd! We also have now had well over 20 children logging in the past week. Fantastic each and every one of you. If you can't log in to anything, let school know and we'll try to sort it ASAP.  Special mentions today go to: Santiago in 15th place, Amy in 21st place, Maisy in 25th place, Mia in 29th place, Edward in 31st place, Siobhan in 43rd place, Ruby in 47th place, Maya in 48th place and Jack J in 58th place! Wow! I've spotted you too today Beau, Jack B, Jacob, Leah (glad we got your log in sorted!) and Pepper. Hope you had fun! The boys are back in town ... or back on Spelling Shed anyway! Yay! On a side note, I'm finding Times Tables Rockstars tricky to access myself right now, but I'm sorting out my proper computer this weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to work more productively and get off the laptop. I'll be back at the blog on Monday at 10.45 for an hour. Thanks to all who've popped in! Also thanks to Ruby who has found my email on Purplemash and replied! I was very excited to receive that!