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Friday 19th June

Good morning Year 3!

Well, it turns out that it is just the ducks at Wisley that have gone a bit feral in lockdown: our local ducks are much more well-behaved, so we haven't had any more picnic losses, luckily! This week we released the butterflies that we have been raising from caterpillars. The boys had named them Daisy, Little Tim, Bailey and Old Man Joe (and my contribution was Bob - no surprise there!). It was lovely to watch them feeding from fruit and nectar in their home but even better to see them released. Did you know that painted lady butterflies can fly at speeds of up to 30mph and only live for 2 weeks?

Onto today's learning and your last before you can relax and enjoy your weekend... The SPaG and maths tasks are uploaded below. You will notice that the maths is an arithmetic test: we have finished our unit on measurement and White Rose had covered the last few bits this week with you. Mrs. Willgoose would like to make the arithmetic test a weekly Friday event for the rest of the term. When you have finished this morning's learning, do have a look at my suggested whole school science and PSHE activities for this week, if you haven't already done so: you may find something fun to do together at the weekend.

I will be on the blog this morning at 10.00 and hope to catch up with as many of you who are able to join me!

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend

Love Mrs. Clay