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Work from Mrs Ferryman.


Good morning Year 2, happy Friday!

I hope that you’ve all had a good week at home, I’m sure you’ve been really busy! Here is what we would be up to if we were at school today.

For guided reading, we’re still working through Roald Dahl’s brilliant Revolting Rhymes. This week, have a look at Jack and the Beanstalk. Can you choose a section of it and see if you can learn it and recite it to someone in your family? You could even try and perform it with actions if you wanted to! Are there any words or phrases in the poem that you really like? Are there any words that you don’t understand? Use a dictionary to see if you can find out what they mean. Be careful though, Roald Dahl does sometimes use imaginary words! If you feel like doing some comprehension there are some questions on there, but concentrate more on enjoying the poem and learning to say some of it out loud.

In maths, try to get active with my activity challenge! Choose an activity, such as star jumps, hops, running from one spot to another, and estimate how many you can do in one minute. Write down your estimation and then try it! How close was your estimation? Can you calculate the difference between your estimation and the real thing by subtracting the smaller number from the bigger one? If you want to, you can get your whole family involved and record it on the activity sheet below.

Between one and two o’clock I will be on the blog with a special question for you, I can’t wait to talk to you!Save

In Science we have been learning about our body and our senses. We know plenty about our own body parts, but what about different animal body parts? Have a look at the animal body parts word mat, and then see if you can complete the Bizarre Beasts sheet. Once you have done that, can you design your own animal using a mixture of lots of different animal body parts? If you create one, see if a grown up can email it to me and I can put them on the website for your friends to see!

Finally, enjoy a Friday story time! You can either watch my video here .

Story Time

Or you can make sure that you have your own. Why not read a story to someone in your house, or have them read to you?

Have a great weekend Year Two, look after each other.

Mrs Ferryman