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Hello Year One, and happy Friday!

This is our first Friday of online learning, I really hope you have had a good week. I have been so impressed with all of the amazing work you have been doing, I love looking through your folders! Well done for whatever you have achieved this week, be it big or small, we are all learning this new way of doing things together and the most important thing is that you enjoy what you are doing. For some of you that might be doing little bits of work here and there, and for some of you that might be doing every single thing. Whichever way, you are all doing amazingly.

On a Friday we will be doing maths, phonics and science.  Please note there will be a call at 8.40 and 11am. Then there will not be a call at 12.40 because I would like you to spend the afternoon choosing! Maybe you will choose to finish some work off, maybe you will choose to play a game, build some Lego, watch the TV, bake something yummy, it is up to you! 


Today you can choose from a few activities which will help you to finalise your learning of number bonds to 20. The instructions for how to use each activity are on the sheets, one involves colouring pairs of numbers that make 20 and one involves matching socks with numbers on to make 20, or playing snap with the socks!

If your child needs more work on pairs to 10, there is also a sheet for this too.

A great website where you can practise your number bonds is Hit The Button. See if you can get a great high score! 



In phonics today you will look at the 'ea' sound. Click here to watch the video. Start the video at 5.22. There are some extra 'ea' activities below if you would like them.



Science this week is all about sources of light, these are things that make light so we can see! I will talk you through this lesson in our call at 11. If you can't make it, there is a PowerPoint and sheet below. 


Finally, I will try to record a story for you each week so that you can finish your week how we usually do! This week's story can be found by  clicking here.

Have a fantastic weekend Year One and I will look forward to seeing you next week!

From Mrs Ferryman :)