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Fri 16th July (for those not in school)

Good Morning Year 3,

I know most of you will be back in school today, but for those of you still at home you will find the work we are in doing in school today in the files below. 

Morning Task: Wellbeing — Please click on the link in the PowerPoint and watch the video all about the 6 ways to wellbeing.  There is also lots of information for you to read.  Please then choose one way that you will improve your wellbeing today.

Times table Task; we will be playing the game you played at home last week, please play again or find another way to practice your tables at home.

Maths learning for today is adding and subtracting capacity.  Please watch the video for todays' lesson and complete the task.

Video for Add and Subtract Capacity

RE: In last weeks' lesson we considered all the places that are special to us in our lives.  Today we will be exploring all the places that were special for Jesus. If you have access to a Bible at home please follow the scripture links to find the stories in the PowerPoint and complete the final matching activity.  Consider why these places were so special to Jesus.  I have added some notes on the scripture for your parents in the files below.

Art: In school today we will be making our Mosaics.  Please continue with the instructions from last week's task to complete your mosaic design at home.  You will need scissors, glue and coloured paper, alternatively, you can colour your design. We will also be making mosaics in the classroom today using glass tiles.  At home, you can create your own mosaic from pebbles or stones from your garden, as Maddie did last week. 

Have fun with your tasks today!  I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

God Bless 

Mrs Clark x