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This page includes activity ideas to support the following areas of learning:

Understanding the world

Expressive Arts and Design

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Please use the afternoons to complete an explorer challenge. You could do one per day or a couple per week. Alternatively, please create your own activity. It doesn't have to be topic related.  Please send pictures of all your lovely learning on Tapestry.

1. Make your own playdough

Follow this simple recipe to make your own playdough. You could use it to make some little Gingerbread man figures. (Scroll down to download)

2. Dough Disco

Use your playdough to go to the 'Dough Disco' like we do at school. Click on the link to dance

Dough Disco

3. Gingerbread Baking

Follow this recipe to make your own gingerbread biscuits (scroll down to print)

NB Parents: This is a lovely opportunity to create excitement and enrich imaginations. What would happen if one of the gingerbread men escaped from the oven and left a little note? Make a missing persons poster to find him.

4. Design your own gingerbread man

Print off the template provided or make one of your own using art and craft materials from home

5. Cut and stick Gingerbread man

Print off the spilt pin activity (you dont have to use pins) Can you assemble the gingerbread man correctly.

6. Science Experiment

Try this cool science experiment. Scroll down to download prompt card.