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 Please use the afternoons to complete an explorer challenge. You could do one per day or a couple per week.  These activities are only suggestions. Please feel free to create you own explorer activity topic or non-topic related.

Activity 1

Follow the recipe to make playdough. Create some of the minibeasts in Superworm or invent your own character for the book. Alternatively, use the playdough mats provided for creative playdough ideas.

Activity 2

 Choose a song from the minibeast song sheet (see attached) sing along with actions and you could use instruments if you have any. Choose as many songs as you want.

Activity 3

Can you move like a minibeast? Practise:

  • Scuttling like a spider
  • Slithering like a snail.
  • Hopping like a cricket
  • Creeping like a caterpillar
  • Fluttering like a butterfly
  • Buzzing like a bumblebee

Can you think of any more? Choose your favourite music to move to. Use the minibeasts action cards to help.

Activity 3

Follow the instructions to make your own minibeats hotel

Activity 4

Follow the instructions to make your own minibeast pebbles.

Activity 5

Paper plate butterfly (see instructions)

Activity 6

Draw or make your very own minibeast using arts & crafts materials. Why not invent your very own creature? How many legs or wings does it have? How big is it? What colour is it?

Mrs Carter's Challenges

Observing worms

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Build your own wormery


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Make your own nature reserve

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