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Emotional support and Wellbeing

Here you can find some resources which may be useful whilst you are supporting your child at home.

Click on the tabs to the right for some useful activities  to help support your children emotionally.

At school, we talk about our emotions regularly. We do this through our mood monsters; a fun way to help the children not only recognise their feelings but also find a strategy to cope with these feelings.

In class, when the children feel they need to change their feelings (they are really good at recognising this independently although at times need support to), they sit on a little cloud-shaped cushion and usually hold a liquid timer (see example) or a feelings jar that we made as a class (clear jar filled with water and coloured glitter to represent each of the monsters).

At home you could use a similar toy or other sensory object to help your child. This method has proven really successful in class and the children really do respond well to this. Scroll down for resources related to mood monsters.



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