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Easter Bake Off

During the Easter holidays the staff were at home with their families enjoying the sunshine and keeping safe. We still kep them busy though with our first ever Easter Bake Off- it may become a regular annual event! We posted all the fantastic entries on the PA Facebook page so you could all see them. We were amazed to receive over 430 likes. The winners were:

1st Number 11 baked by  the fabulous Mrs Ferryman

2nd Number 4 baked by wonderful Ms Quinn

3rd Number 6 baked by the amazing Mrs Willgoose.

The cakes were baked by:

1. Ms Gillespie and Mr Gorman (spot the fox)

2. Mrs Carter

3. Mrs Rawlinson

4. Ms Quinn

5. Mrs Clarke

6. Mrs Willgoose

7. Mrs Troll

8. Mrs Bewley

9. Mrs Holt

10. Mrs osborn

11. Mrs Ferryman

12. Mrs Scott

13. Mrs Capindale

14. Mrs o'Neil

15. Mrs Sweeting

16. Mrs Sharples