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Our Year 5&6 athletics team took part last week in the ERPSSA Sportshall Athletics Competition at the XCEL in Walton on Thames. Competing against 11 other schools, they performed superbly, behaved beautifully and were a real credit to the school.

Considering the majority of the schools were large schools, our finishing position of SECOND PLACE was tuly staggering. As everyone knows, I am not a person to look for excuses when we take part in sport, however on this occasion I feel I owe it to our team to at least make a couple of very valid and salient points. Looking at the results, it is clear that our preparations were hampered by our lack of facilities. The overall winners have their own large sports hall and it was in the events that we could not practice (relays, obstacle races, longer sprint races) that we eventually lost out on first place. Practising the field events was easier for us as we have enough space to do standing long jump, standing triple jump, speed bounce, chest push and foam javelin - how interesting it is then to note that we actually finished first in the field events with our girls particularly excelling with 4 golds & 1 silver from the 6 field events!

We have spoken a lot over the last couple of years about how important it is to set goals, work very hard towards achieving those goals and then believe in yourself on the day - I hope this amazing performance in a very tough competition is proof to all that you can do it if you really want it! I am very proud of our whole team! Now we need to continue to focus on preparing for the athletics events and the District Sports in the summer term - if we work hard and have a little luck on the day, we should make everyone proud again.

ERPSSA Sportshall Athletics Competition 2015 Results:

1st Cleves   496 points

2nd Holy Family  444 points

3rd Walton Oak  396 points

4th St Anne's  358 points

5th St Ann's Heath  328 points

6th St Jude's  326 points

7th Ashley 320 points

8th St Cuthbert's 312 points

9th Ongar Place 226 points

10th= St James & St Charles 212 points

12th Thorpe Lea 156 points


We were DISTRICT CHAMPIONS in the following events:

GIRLS 2+2 SPRINT RELAY (Ella Stoner & Joey Siow)

GIRLS CHEST PUSH (Ella Stoner, Ellie Ford & Freya Standley)

GIRLS STANDING LONG JUMP (Ella Stoner, Ellie Ford & Gracie Wilkins)

GIRLS STANDING TRIPLE JUMP (Joey Siow, Jaimie Kollmer & Federica Federico)

GIRLS SPEED BOUNCE (Joey Siow, Philippa Holt & Gracie Wilkins)

BOYS SPEED BOUNCE (Sam Deal, Amit Bose & Josh Rawlinson)


We were DISTRICT RUNNERS-UP in the following events:

GIRLS 1+1 SPRINT RELAY (Ella Stoner & Joey Siow)

BOYS OBSTACLE RELAY (Conor O'Shea, William Harding, Conor Reilly & Adam Cassin)

BOYS STANDING TRIPLE JUMP (Sam Deal, William Harding & Adam Cassin)