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Here you can find a range of e-books that you can enjoy whenever you like! So if you just can't get enough of cool characters, awesome adventures and super stories, then this is the page for you. You might recognise some of the stories from the reading scheme (can you find your favourite?) as well as some new ones for you to explore. Can you tell if the e-book you have chosen is fiction, non fiction, poetry or a biography?

Don't forget to have a go at the activities for each e-book too!

Stuck In The Mud

An Old Red Hat

A Monster Mistake

The School Trip

Minibeast Poems

Paris Adventure

Olympic Adventure

Sport Then And Now

The House That Jack Built

Things That Sting

The Samosa Thief

Space Poems

Submarine Adventure

Alex Brychta

Red Planet

At The Top of The World

The Bully

What's Inside Me?

The Big Breakfast

The Rainbow Machine

Rory's Lost His Voice

Environmental Disasters