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Design Technology

“A good school provides a rounded education for the whole person.

And a good Catholic school, over and above this, should help all its students to become saints….” Pope Benedict XVI, 2010


The subject of Design Technology is fully embedded within our creative curriculum. Children learn a broad range of skills and knowledge which is progressive across the school.

"Design Technology is designing and building" - Year 3 pupil

Design Technology at Holy Family provides children with a dynamic vehicle that allows them to explore and develop a wide range of skills and self-expression, which creates a stimulating and enjoyable experience for all.

Design Technology is timetabled into the curriculum, however it is interwoven into our cross curricular topics and is used extensively to support teaching and learning in other curriculum areas. Teaching and learning in Design Technology provides progression in skills, techniques and attainment.

Celebration of children’s work and effort is a natural part of school life. Pupils of all abilities experience success and know that their work is valued. Children’s work is displayed throughout the school in classrooms and public areas.


At Holy Family we believe that Design Technology fosters a positive attitude towards education and encourages good self-esteem. Access to Design Technology supports not only lifelong learning but also enjoyment of the things they see.

"I am most proud of the car that I made in Year 2"-  Year 3 pupil


We also offer food technology lessons within the DT curriculum where the children are provided with ample opportunity to practise their cutting, chopping, slicing and grating skills both with and without heat. KS1 have made alien rock cakes with ingredients sent from space in a UFO, as well as a healthy fruit salad for Mr and Mrs Twit. Whilst KS2 have gone back in time to the Tudor period and made food for a banquet, fit for a king! The children also have access to our new school Cafe regularly and every Friday our EYFS children take part in 'Little Chefs' where they have made Elmer biscuits and porridge for Goldilocks! We also held a 'European' week where each class had the chance to make food from different countries in Europe. It was a great success!