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Cross Country Competition 2013


Cross Country team battle bravely on through the treacle-like mud!

On Tuesday 26th February, 62 children from Years 3 to 6 took part in the annual Salesian Catholic Schools Cross Country Competition. It has become tradition over the last few years for this event to be held under grisly, grey winter skies on a surface resembling the World War I battlefields of The Somme…this year was no exception. In parts the field was more brown than green, in other parts it was just brown and in other parts it was like running through a large vat of treacle…without the lovely ‘treacly’ aroma drifting into the nostrils. Competing against 4 other schools (3 of these being much larger schools than ourselves) we ran very bravely throughout the morning and every child gave 100% effort from start to finish. We learned a huge amount about competing at this level and we also learned that we have enough talent in our team to perform very well. I was extremely proud of the whole team who displayed, as always, impeccable standards of behaviour and supported each other throughout.

Cross country is a team event where talented individuals have the opportunity to shine. Our team spirit was immense and some of our individuals did shine through the mud and the gloomy weather. Congratulations to all our runners…next stop is the District Cross Country Competition on Saturday 9th March…now that one really is a stellar event!


Year 3 Boys – Brendan 8th, Josh R 11th, Connor 14th, Sam 15th, Jack 19th, Max 24th

Team Total 67 points (first five finishers scored)

Year 3 Girls – Freya 6th, Jaimie 7th, Inuki 15th, Federica 19th, Gracie 20th, Imogen 24th, Libby 25th

Team Total 67 points

Year 4 Boys – Lucas 6th, Amit 18th, Joe W 25th, Joseph F 26th, Sam 27th, Conor 28th, William 32nd, Akindu 33rd

Team Total 102 points

Year 4 Girls – Ella 9th, Joey 10th, Philippa 20th, Ellie 22nd, Erika 26th

Team Total 87 points

Year 5 Boys – Jason 6th, Joshua 7th, Louis 20th, Joseph 25th, Harley 28th, Dilan 30th

Team Total 86 points


Year 5 Girls – Alicia 4th, Emily 16th, Alannah 18th, Saoirse 19th, Brogan 20th, Lucy E 23rd Lucy Mc ( DNF – unwell)

Team Total 77 points

Year 6 Boys – Luke 9th, Artur 14th, Alex 23rd, Oliver 25th, Daniel 26th, Daniil 27th, Matthew 28th, Dino 29th, Aaron 30th

Team Total 97 points  

Year 6 Girls – Niamh 5th, Lily Mc 13th, Lilly W 22nd, Phoebe 23rd, Katie K 26th,  Sophie 27th, Olivia 29th, Katie C 35th, Lauren 36th, Zara (DNF – injured)

Team Total 89 points

So, in the ever-important head to head between boys and girls, it looks like the girls have edged it this time with victories over the boys in Year 6, Year 5 & Year 4 whilst Year 3 was a tie. It may be argued (and I guess quite strongly if you are a boy) that each race had a different number of starters making the boys races more competitive…but overall on balance I think the girls were slightly more consistent as a team today. No worries…we have another competition in eleven days time and we will be back fitter and stronger than ever.

Speaking of boys, a special mention must go to Luke who lost a shoe at the beginning of the second lap and completed the race in superb style with a top ten position…I’m now left wondering how long it will take to get that sock clean!