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Castles and Dragons (2019-2020)

Our topic this half term is Castles and Dragons. This is a History led topic, we will be finding out what a monarch is, monarchs from the past which we will be using to place on a timeline, family trees of the royal family, comparing Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. We will be ending our topic with a mediaeval banquet! 

English lessons will be driven by books about castles and dragons, with both fiction and non-fiction writing. 

In Mathematics lesson our topic is Place Value and Addition and Subtraction. We follow White Rose (Please click on the White rose tab to find out more about White Rose). 

In Art we will be exploring line and shape through pencil and charcoal, by creating portraits of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. 

In DT we will be making moving mechanisms. 

In Science we are finding out, exploring and testing properties of materials. 

See our topic overview to see what else we will be learning this half term. 

Click on the link below for some fantastic non-fiction books about castles: