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Autumn 2-Great Britain

Our cross-curricular topic this term is history-focused and looks to explore The Great Fire of London. We will start by learning about Great Britain, labelling  countries and finding out about our capital city of London. We will explore the landmarks in London and place them on a map. Then we will move onto looking back in History to the Great Fire of London, significant people who were involved such as Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farriner and Christopher Wren.

In Literacy we will be studying books about London and the Great Fire of London. Our Literacy skills will be developed using these books. In History we will be finding out about how the Great Fire of London started using a range of sources and role play, we will be finding out about Samuel Pepys and explore the timeline of events from using his diary. Then we will be finding out about Sir Christopher Wren and how he rebuilt St Paul’s Cathedral. In Art we will be exploring Lowry’s paintings and recreating the London one. We will be creating an old and new London portrait, creating a picture of the Great Fire of London using different media, then looking at Sir Christopher Wren’s designs of St Paul’s Cathedral and designing our own Cathedral using techniques.

Please click on the files to find out more about our topic. 

This half-term we will also be practising for our nativity. We cannot wait for you to see it!