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Autumn 1-Transport

Our cross-curricular topic this term is history focused. We will be exploring different types of transport, transport from the past and significant people in history linked to transport. Will we be exploring what transport was like in the past. In history we will be finding out about significant people who designed different types of transport and why it was needed. We will use different sources to explore this question. We will find out about Amelia Earhart, Christopher Columbus, The Wright brothers, and George Stephenson. We will end our topic thinking about what transport might be like in the future. We will also be looking at local history and finding out about Brooklands. In Literacy we will be using both non-fiction and fiction texts to develop our knowledge and use our literacy skills to write about stories linked to transport.  In Art we are going to be painting and sketching vehicles. In DT we are going to be designing, making and evaluating our own vehicles.

Please see the phonics tab to find out about phonics in Year 1.