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Art and Design


Week 4- The White Horse

I can't believe we have reached the fourth week of our Wonderful World Art project. You have sent me so many amazing pieces of artwork- please look in our gallery to see some of the work your friends have been doing. 

It can be really difficult to draw animals- on the ideas sheet for this week I have added some links that will teach you how to draw a horse. There are lots of other turorials that will teach you to draw many more animals. Have fun!

Week 3- The Frame

Welcome to a new week, I can't wait to see what amazing artwork you will send me this week. Our artist this week is Frida Kahlo- I love the bright and vibrant colours that she used in her creations. One of our children in Year 1 visited Wisley last week and sent me the pictures below- they really remind me of Kahlo's work. When she put a self portrait together she would place flowers and fruit in her hair and then use the vibrant colours to paint it. If you are able to visit Wisley you will find these sculptures to inspire you. Have fun this week- I look forward to seeing what the work of Kahlo inspires you to draw or paint.

Week 2- Water lilies

Thank you for all the fabulous art work you sent me last week- please look at our Snail gallery to see some of your amazing work. Any artwork can be snet to me at

This week our painting is Waterlilies by Claude Monet. If you take a walk to Coxes Lock and sit by the watermill you will be able to see lots of water lilies that are just about to bloom. When we visited on Sunday you could see the yellow buds on the lily pads. Maybe you could visit the lock and sit with your paper and pens and do a real life sketch of what you can see. Our puppy, Arthur, loves to walk down to the lock and along the river, he spotted the waterlilies when we were walking yesterday.


Welcome to Art and Design for the summer term. I'm very excited to be working with all the children in Holy Family, helping you to create wonderful pieces of artwork. 

Each week we will “Take One Picture” to develop our art skills. The activities are designed to be accessed by all the children at Holy Family, regardless of age. This will enable siblings to work together on a piece of art work or to create their own individual masterpiece. If you would like to feature in our weekly gallery please send your artwork to Mrs O’Neil at

Thank you for all the amazing artwork from the first week of our whole school project. Look at our gallery for Week 1 to see some of the fabulous artwork.

Please see the resources at the bottom of the page for a PDF with ideas for your Art and Design tasks.

Week 1- The Snail by Matisse.

Week 2- Waterlilies by Monet

Week 3- The Frame by Frida Kahlo

Week 4- The White Horse by Paul Gauguin

Week 5- Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

Week 6- The Wave by Hokusai

Week 7- Sunday Afternoon by George Seurat

I look forward to seeing your amazing creations- I have added a gallery page so please send me your wonderful work.