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Amazing Work Under the Sea

Have a look at some of the fantastic work Year 1 have been doing at home, learning all about 'Under the Sea'!

In RE we have been learning about Pentecost. Here are some dove stained glass windows we created




L went whale watching over the Atlantic Ocean today. Her grandad managed to spot a whale through his binoculars!

 Whale watching over the Atlantic Ocean

The children have done salt painting of whales this week. WOW!







We've been writing about Blue Whales and Killer Whales




The children have made some very creative mermaid tails using different materials to create patterns. O used wooden blocks and a potato masher, very creative!




The children have been doing some great descriptive writing about the messy mermaid using adjectives and even similes




I have received great feedback from our Music learning today! Lots of children have enjoyed listening to 'Save the Bees' by Lau and they have had some fantastic ideas. I like that everybody's ideas are different and presented differently too.