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8. Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Year 2, 

Mathematics today is Week 2- Lesson 2- Find a Third Click here

English- You will be writing a non- chronological report about either killer whale or a blue whale. There is an attachment below of the template to use. Use the information you found out about yesterday for your report and click on the research links to find out more information if you need to. Here is my example of a non-chronological report of a blue whale. 

You might want to draw or print out pictures of your whale to add to your non-chronological report. This will take 2 days to do so do some of your report today and some tomorrow. Or you could do a draft today and write it up in neat tomorrow. If you want to do a non-chronological report about both whales, that is completely fine, but don't feel like you need to do both. 

Art- Today's Art is to create a whale- You can make a killer whale or a blue whale. You might want to do the whale you are researching about. Sketch your whale first, you can use an image to copy. Colour or paint your whale, depending on what media you have at home.