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7th May Thursday WEEK 3

Hello to you all! Big wave! Hope you're all well today and keeping busy and happy? You're doing so well!

Just a reminder about our joint marathon effort ..... We've done over 7 miles so far .... with the photos coming in now. Let's keep them coming in, so we can smash the marathon challenge!

I'm in school today with the key worker children,  so there won't be a new blog unfortunately. 

However, today is Big Write day, so lots to keep you busy. Your writing the last two weeks has been so impressive. See here and below for feedback from your diary entries.

Please show me amazing writing again today, keeping your handwriting as neat as possible and remembering the non-negotiables. Capital letters and full stops are a must!


There is a handwriting sheet to keep your skills going, as attached below. This also supports you learning your spellings for this week.

Big Write

Children to use the skills they have practised this week to independently write a newspaper opening about the Iron Man breaking free from the hill.

Look at opening modelled writing.  Children to write opening of Iron Man News report. Use the Success Criteria to support. See below attachments - Success Criteria and Big Write Template. Please email me the writing by taking a photograph and sending it to


Arithmetic sheet as attached below. Can you beat your score from last time? What are the types of questions that are causing you problems? How can you work them out? Remember to look carefully at each question.

White Rose - Lesson 4 - Multiply and Divide by 3

Watch the video lesson on the link above, then attempt the questions, as attached below. Answer sheets for parents also attached below.


History - Space Race. L.O. Using a Time Line

Look at the History powerpoint presentation

Timeline - Dates are numbers and you can put them in order.  For AC dates, like a number line we start with the smallest number on the left and put numbers/years further along the line as they get bigger (model).

Can you create a time line? See attachment below. Using the timeline sheet / or make your own, cut up the cards and mix them up.  Put them in date order. Fine tune the timeline by grouping and spacing events to reflect different gaps in the timeframe ie 1960 is directly before 1961 but there is a larger gap between 1969 and 1981.

Big Question:

Why do we need to put events in history into order?

Discuss how one event might cause another.

Why did they orbit the Earth first before trying to get to the Moon? (Think about distance, amount of time spent in space, trying to land safely on the Moon and be able to take off again).


Writing this here as well in continued preparation for VE Day! I will add some resources on the Bank Holiday Page, but only if you would like to use them. 

VE Day or 'Victory in Europe Day' marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end. Have an explore of the clips:

75th VE Day Offical Website What's On

KS2 BBC Video Clip What is VE Day?

VE Day in London 1945 Video Clip

Prime Minister Winston Churchill's Speech

Consider  why people were celebrating and why it's important that we remember it nowadays.

Begin to think about how you can mark VE Day. Perhaps you might  learn more about the role of the local area in the war by taking your daily exercise down to the local memorial if appropriate and safe?  You could take your sketchpad and try line and shading work to draw the local memorial (use a photograph if you can't visit) and try and capture the shadow and light. Or maybe you'd like to make some bunting using the colours of the Union Jack and plan some party food to eat to mark the end of the war in Europe. 

Enjoy your Bank Holiday tomorrow and I will see you back here on Monday. Take care and look after yourselves and your families.