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5th May Tuesday WEEK 3

Good morning everyone and Happy Tuesday! I've been playing around with our Summer Learning page, and adding some lovely examples of work from the last two weeks, either as photos or as attachments. Please take a look. Thank you for sharing.

Remember to think about your walk a mile photograph. Maybe if the weather is good you can get out for a walk or scoot etc. If you're self isolating, do extra steps at home and it'll soon add up too! I'd love to start to receive photos, so I can begin to compile our class marathon to share. 

Spelling Test

I've re-added the words on Spelling Shed from last week's spellings, so you child can either do them as a test, or you can just test them with paper and pen. I'm also going to set some additional words for some groups of children, as extra practice, so please do check to see if your child has any new lists on there later today. 


Times Tables challenge as attached. Take on Thor! These are challenging, so do a multiplication challenge on Purplemash if that is better for you. Work for 10 minutes.

Then, White Rose Maths

'Add Money' Lesson. Watch the video and complete the attachments.


English L.O. I can identify features of a news opening and write a headline

Today children are introduced to the format of a newspaper. Looking at the basic features of layout and then focusing on the opening paragraph only to allow children to become familiar with this.

What Makes A Good Headline? What is the purpose of a headline?

Discuss alliteration / rhyme and puns. Are these good to use? Why?

Newspaper openings - what is the purpose? Identify the 5 w’s Who / what / where/ why / when.

Additional detail creates more interest.

5 W’s Game - Create an opening for a news report

Instructions: Pick a number between one and four for each of the sections, and make the opening of the news report out of the selections. Add a headline.


Art - Research illustrator Tom Gauld. Sketch in the style of Tom Gauld (The Iron Man illustrator). Look at the illustrations in the book. How have they been created? Can you create some pictures, based on the events of the book, in a similar style?

Computing - Coding

Watch the video link where robots are programmed to play football!

Coding - Programming Robots to Play Football

Have a go at coding yourself on Purplemash. I've set you a 2DO, to create a moving space scene, using coding, to get you started. Have fun exploring and learning how to code.