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5.Friday 24th April


Hi Year Two, Happy Friday! I hope that you have had a great week and have enjoyed a bit of sunshine. I have been in school with some children for two days this week which has been lovely, but very quiet! 

For Guided Reading this week, please have a read of the Ocean Home Poem below. See if you can identify the rhyming words and the pattern in the poem. Do you have a favourite part? Maybe you could learn your favourite verse off by heart and see if you can perform it for someone in your family, or send me a video! 

For maths, have a go at lesson 4, recognising a quarter on here Recognising a Quarter

This half term's Science is all about different types of animals. Can you see if you can find out what the word 'classification' means? Then, see if you can group the animals on the Animal Body Groups cards below. Next week we will learn all about the real names for different groups of animals, maybe you already know some? 

If you feel like practising your typing skills, don't forget to use 2Type on Purple Mash. That way, next time you are typing on the blog, you will be a typing whiz! I am teaching in school today so I'm afraid I won't be on the blog this week. To make up for it, I have read one of our favourite stories for you here. 

Friday's Story

Have a great weekend, enjoy the weather and see what kind things you can do for somebody else.

Love Mrs Ferryman