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5. Friday 5th June 2020

Hooray it's Friday- we can relax over the weekend and enjoy some family time. Thank you for all the pictures you have sent me this week. It makes my day when I see all the great things that you are doing at home. Arthur added a post to his blog yesterday- he has been a little bit lazy with updates recently, so he has got a few to add over the next week. 

We have a gallery of snails on the Art and Design page in our whole school summer project. it is not too late to send me your art work for this week. I hope that you have enjoyed our new project and have managed a few of the tasks that the teachers have planned for you. 

Don't forget to check your emails on Purple Mash, it is  always great to get a reply to the emails that I send you and it is a good way for you to ask me questions or just have a chat. I am teaching on Monday, Tuesday and Friday now, but I will pick up your emails at the end of each day.

Sooooooo let's do some Friday work...

English- start today by asking someone to test you on your spelling words- they were difficult words this week, good luck.

The last Big Write we completed was before half term- we wrote a suspense story, your feedback slip is below and is attached at the bottom of the page.


Our Big Write today is an informal letter. You should have completed a plan on Wednesday- your letter is from Lila to Chulack. The details were in the powerpoint you watched on Wednesday. The success criteria for your letter are listed below:

  • The senders address and date.
  • An appropriate greeting and introduction.
  • Paragraphs around a theme.
  • First person.
  • Vocabulary that shows an informal chatty style.
  • Talk to the reader directly.
  • Conjunctions to start sentences or to join sentences together.

I look forward to reading your letters, please email them to me on or send them to me on Purple Mash.

Maths- please complete an arithmetic sheet, it is added in the resources, it's arithmetic number 14. 

Your main maths task today is to learn about fractions as operators. Click here to watch the video. The worksheets are attached at the bottom of the page.

This afternoon be creative and look at all the great tasks in our whole school project. 

Have a wonderful weekend, get out and about and be ready to start a new week on Monday.

Take care- love Mrs O'Neil