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5. Friday 5th June

1. Poetry- seaside poems

Objective: to write a seaside poem about senses. Look at the pictures from the seaside sheet below. Can you write one word for each sense that you might associate with that picture? Then use these pictures and words to write your own seaside poem with a minimum of 2 stanzas (verses). Then, practise reading your poem aloud. 

Have a think and discuss- What did you enjoy and what did you find challenging about the writing process?

2. Maths

Use the powerpoint attached on Monday's page and work your way through fluency questions (slides 28-30) from Lesson 5- Describe Position (2). Then complete activity below. Finally, complete reasoning questions from lesson powerpoint as a plenary/ consolidation of todays learning (finish powerpoint).


Choose an activity to complete from the page below.

Holy Family whole school learning projects