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5. Friday 3rd July 2020

Happy Friday! I am really looking forward to seeing some of you for lunch later, you don't need to bring anything just a packed lunch.

It's the end of the week again- the weeks are going to quickly and i cannot believe that you have just 2 weeks left in Year 5. In just a couple of months time you will be in Year 6, the oldest class in the school. You will have an exciting year ahead of you.

Let's start Friday with a spelling test- ask an adult to read the words out for you. There were some tricky words this week. Hopefully you have used Spelling Shed to help you to learn them. There was also a fun activity on the powerpoint on Tuesday where you had to see how many times you could write the word in one minute.

On Wednesday we planned a new final chapter for The Firework Maker's Daughter. Today it is BIG WRITE day so we are going to put our plan into words. We are writing the end of a story- a narrative. 

Here are the success criteria that I would like you to use in your writing:

  • Use a variety of sentence types (simple, compound).
  • Use a variety of sentence openers.
  • Use expanded noun phrases, adverbials and speech. 
  • Use paragraphs correctly.
  • Use adventurous vocabulary (verbs, adverbs and adjectives).

I look forward to your version of Chapter 7.

Start your maths learning today by completing an arithmetic task. I am so pleased with how amazing your scores are- you have all worked really hard to get even better at arithmetic. 

For your main task you will be calculating angles round a point- click here to watch a video to help you. The questions to complete are attached at the bottom of the page. 

Have a wonderful weekend- be ready to work hard on Monday morning!