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5. Friday 26th June 2020

How can it be Friday already? We have now completed 9 weeks of home learning this term- that is an amazing achievement. I am so very proud of every single one of you. If you want to join our webinar we shall be online at 2pm today (the time has changed) come ready to play a game- you don't need anything.

Let's start today with our spelling test- ask an adult to test you on our spelling words. They all have the suffix -ful. hopefully you have used Spelling shed to help you to practice.

Here is some feedback for your Big Write from last week- we rote some instructions. Start with your greeen for growth.

Today we are going to complete our BIG WRITE. This week we have been studying Kit Wright's poem, The Magic Box. I would like you to write a poem using the  same style as Kit Wright. in your poem you must create a magic box for Lila. Think about all the things that are important to her that you would be able to place in the box. Think about all the things that she saw as she travelled on her adventure to Mount Merapi. You could also include some of the people that she met. Kit Wright uses lots of contrasts in his poem, try to include some contrasts in your writing. Another tool that he uses in this poem is alliteration- see if you can include alliteration in your poem.

Don't forget to send me your finished poem. 

Start your maths session with a set of arithmetic questions. They are attached below. Our main maths learning is dividing by10, 100 and 1000- click here to watch the video. The resource sheets are attached at the bottom of the page. I have added an extra resource sheet for when you finish, the questions and the answer sheets are all in the same pack.