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5. Friday 19th June 2020

We have made it to Friday...

I am really looking forward to the weekend. I need to finish our spare bedroom, I have some wallpapering to do and then I need to move the furniture back in. I am really hoping that soon we will be able to have visitors to stay and they can use the newly decorated bedroom. Arthur is looking forward to some long weekend walks- he loves meeting Year 5 children when he's out and about. As he is still a puppy he jumps up on everyone he meets and wants everyone to play with him!

Don't forget to send me a baby picture so we can make a "When I Grow Up" movie. all our movies will be very special to look back on when you are all grown up.

Let's get our Friday work done...

Ask an adult to test you on your spellings- keep up the practice on spelling shed, it is really helping your spelling skills.

Today you are going to write a set of instructions for Lila as your BIG WRITE, but first here is your feedback for the plays that you wrote last week. I think most of you really enjoyed this task and your plays were amazing, I was really impressed with how long your plays were. Keep up the great writing that you are doing.

Today we will complete our BIG WRITE. We have been learning about instruction writing this week. For your writing today I would like you to write a set of instructions for Lila. Your instructions might be to tell her how to make a firework (you could be really creative), how to get to Mount Meripi or how she can make a cake for Chulack. The choice is yours! use the success criteria to ensure you do the best writing that you can:

  • Present tense
  • Use numbered steps
  • Use time connectives
  • Use imperative (bossy) verbs e.g. pull, twist
  • Use specialist language e.g. lever, switch

Don't forget to send me your BIG WRITE, I love seeing how you are getting on, some of you have made great improvements to how you put a piece of writing together, I have also seen some amazing handwriting.

For your maths work today start with a set of arithmetic questions, they are attached at the bottom of the page. For your main task you will be adding decimals with a different number of decimal places- click here to watch the video.

The resource sheets are attached at the bottom of the page. I will see some of you on our webinar at 1pm for a chat.