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5. Friday 15th May

Hello Year 2, and happy Friday again!

I will be on the blog from 1.30 until 2 o'clock today, come and say hello! 

I have been looking forward to this week's Guided Reading as I am going to share two brilliant shape poems with you! A shape poem is exactly as it sounds, a poem written in the shape of the thing that the poem is about. You can write a shape poem about anything at all, as long as it's not too tricky to draw the shape! Take a look at these two, an octopus shape poem and a blue whale shape poem (can you guess which one is my favourite?)

Did you have to move your head around lots to be able to read them like I did?

Talk about the poems with someone at home, practise reading it fluently and discuss your favourite part. Then, I would absolutely love for you to have a go at writing your own under the sea shape poem! You could write one about any under water creature you like, a star fish, a clown fish, maybe even seaweed! You can draw your own shapes, or there are some templates below if you would like to use them. Please share anything that you write with me, I can't wait to see them! 


For maths today you will need to get your problem solving hats on! Here is the link to the lesson: Problem Solving. The worksheet was emailed to you by Mrs Osborn earlier this week. 

You have been busy learning about lots of different underwater animals this week, and the animal learning continues in Science. Have a look at the Classification sheet to remind yourselves of the different groups that animals fall in to. Can you work out which description goes with which group? There are also some Animal Posters to help you.

Then choose any animal you like and classify it in to mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles or insects. Then can you tell me how you know? For example, I might have a picture of a horse and write "I know that a horse is a mammal because it has fur, it is warm blooded and it gives birth to live babies". You can present your work however you like, you could draw a picture or use a photo from the internet, you could even make a PowerPoint! You choose whichever way you like to work the most. 

Finally, here is my story for this week. Friday's Story. I have gone for a classic, I'm reading lots in lockdown and always think that you can't beat the old stories! 

Have a great weekend Year 2, I hear the sun is coming back very soon!

Mrs Ferryman